Applications for Washes' Bi-Annual Cart Sale Now Open 

More info here

Planning the next Cart Sale and taking names. Last time was a blast and we are doing it again!!!. If you are a designer and want to parttake in the sale give the following info to Floatie Hock. Last time we had 52 carts this time . every space will be taken!.

Last time had like 900 people a day on the sims... wonders what it will be this time!

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Reminder Sale @ Hell Bop Clothing 

Just a reminder there is time to still give your friends hell!!
Gift cards are available till the 26th for half off!
Don't miss out to get this bargin.

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New @ Hell Bop Clothing 
Well, I got in a silly mood this week and I tried to explain that not every woman wants to wear butt floss. And that granny panties were great for laying around the house in and making sure nothing crawls into your privates :)

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FLON was Eaten by Hell Bop 
For those that didn't know that i had 2 lines of clothing... now I have one. I didn't find time to work on my other line known as FLON. So now things that were made for my other store are now part of Hell Bop Clothing, making my selection of women's clothing a bit bigger :)

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Grace Pants - New 

New Grace high waistband retro pants for the ladies now on sale in the main store comes in several colors to choose from.

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Just for the holiday season, some festive holiday plaid pants and 2 shades of the same sweater. All yours free till Xmas but watch out.. if you don't get by then it will be gone not to be seen again!!!

Come get your exclusive off from Hell Bop Clothing

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SALE!!! 50% off Gift Cards  
Sale good till the 26th of december. Give a little to your friends and also, your guy will love you for it!

good at main location only.

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