Hell Bop Addicts!! 
Are you a Hell Bop Addict!?

Hell Bop Addicts is an exclusive group that gives members everything in the Hell Bop Clothing store and all future items for all one join in price. That's right, the one time price is paid as you join the group and you get all the Hell Bop loot you can get your fingers on today, tomorrow and whenever you want in the future!!

How does it work??
Pay the entry cost of 5k and 5k Gift Cards will be given out in group notices. Sooo if you lose a card, you can always get another one from past notices. No hassle or need to wait for us to respond with your card, it's right there!
The gift card will be non-transferable so you may not share it with others. Also, you may not ask for one for an alt. Only the AV that purchased the card can use it so if you would like an Alt to have a card you are gonna have to purchase another.

If you are a true Hell Bop Addict, this is the place for you but you definitely want to join today because the group membership is 5k for a limited time and will raise in the future

Come see what the fuss is about right at Hell Bop Clothing! Taxi!!

copy/paste in-world for the group profile: secondlife:///app/group/ed180ee2-0a8a-0377-9417-71d0788845ca/about


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Washes' Cart Sale Creator List 

Well it is time for the big event and here is the list of designers taking part in The Washes" Cart Sale. This time we are celebrating Car Wash's 2 year Anniversary. So between July 21st and August 16th you can get some of the best deals in SL. Everything will be marked 10ls to zero and some designers even made custom items for this event. See you there!!

Home Team

Hell Bop Clothing
GooDVibeZ Mens
Bliensen + MaiTai
SD Wears
Reasonable Desires
La Boheme
D.E.F.G Fashion House
Butterfly Effecta
RBZ Design
Transylvanian Trading Post
Altered Egos Costume Shop
Mature Bear
Caroline's Jewelry
Eye Candi
Lola Shoes
Away Team


Miss Honeypumkin's
The U-neek
Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
Timeless Textures
Dragon Charm Designs
Heartsick/Burning Chrome
La'Licious Designs
Ticky Tacky
Before Sleep
Lois Allen Designs
B&T Atelier
Hot Dolphin Love Animations
Delights by Talena
Maldita Animation
Altya's Dream Creations
Firefly Fashions
Sinner's Tongue
The faerie Wind
K&K Designs
Fashion Evolution
RezIpsa Loc
Dressing Aphrodite
Dark Water Designs
22769 casual couture
Prim & Pixel Paradise
Embody Shapes & Poses
Tiger Tower
Memories of Maela
ats tats
Tiger Tower
Belle Morte
Totally Random
Chaos by Design

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Guys & Gals, Meet Fletcher! 
Looking for something to wear with your favorite jeans!?
Well, Flo just put out a great new shirt that is the perfect addition to your casual wear!

Meet Fletcher!

Fletcher is a very cool button thermal top that can be worn by both our guys and gals. All layers are included... throw on your fave color with a pair of jeans and boots and you are on your way!!!

Fletcher is only 95L down at Hell Bop Clothing!

And don't forget... while you are at Hell Bop, be sure to check out all the poses Flo has added. If you are a Second Life Photographer, you don't want to be without them!!!

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Glove Socks! 
I love how Flo's mind works... This morning I wake up with this little treat in my inbox...
Yes, they are totally bada.... well, you know!

Glove Socks!!

All 6 stripe options packaged neatly for a sweet 135L. Yes, all 6... that's a bargain!

Sometimes I wonder...
Does Flo ever sleep?

Hell no! She's too busy spitting out these crazy cool looks down at Hell Bop!

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Guys and Gals Lookin Good! 
Flo hit me up earlier with a peek of some newness that's going down at Hell Bop... I love these looks!

Ladies first...
Annamae Halter Tops in 7 looks!!

or maybe...

and a steal at only 95L

And so the guys can get in on the action...
Madden Western Shirts in 8 colors!!
in blue...

and in tan...

these are a cool low 135L

These look incredible on.... come down to Hell for a piece of the action

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Washes' Bi-Annual Cart Sale 
Attention Vendors!!

We are now accepting applications for the Washes' Bi-Annual Cart Sale!

Here's what ya need to know:
The sale runs from July 21st to Aug 16th 2010
Carts will be placed around sim and each cart will allow for 10 prims
All items must be priced 10ls or less
All objects must be on cart and nothing on the ground
Set up begins on the 20th
If you want to get in, you must have your applications to Flo no later than July 16th
Car Wash Vendors are free entry, outside designers must pay 250ls at time of approval
**If you have any other questions, just send a message to Floatie Hock and she will take care of you!

To apply, send the following details in a notecard to Floatie Hock:
Store Name:
Do you make your own products?:
Have you been in the cart sale before?
**please attach a landmark**

We look forward to seeing you at The Wash!

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Lots of Newness and a Contest! 
Just when I start thinking that Flo is too quiet, she pops up with new goodies. Phew... and I was beginning to worry!

First up... we have the new Bar Shirt Number 8 packaged for a cool 5L till then end of the month. Yes... that's 5L - no typo there. I even double checked! To sweeten the deal, Flo also threw in some extra treats for ya, a free pose and a gift card for 25L off your next purchase.
Get it!

Another bit of newness is the Anne Halter Top. This is for you sexy chicas who like to stay cool in the hot summer months. It comes in 6 different fabrics and is on sale for just 85L!
Wiggles version

or maybe in Tiki

Now... about that CONTEST...

If haven't heard, there is a Hell Bop Banner contest. The winner gets a gift card of 1000L from Flo to use at Hell Bop. nice!

What you need to know:
There will be up to 5 winners chosen with the next deadline being July 4th, 2010.
Pictures must be submitted to the Hell Bop Flickr group with the word "Banner" somewhere in the title - so we know it's for the contest ;)
Obviously, you must be wearing all Hell Bop clothing but skin, hair and shoes is all up to you.
Please, no wording on the pics and not too many special effects. Actually, none is better.
By submitting a picture, you are claiming that you have all rights to submit this picture and that Floatie Hock can do anything she wants with it *evil grin*.
Only pics submitted to Flickr will be considered.
You can only win once per contest period but you can add as many entries you would like - they could be possibly considered for other contest periods!
...most important... Have Fun!!!

Oh, and remember there is a Rewards program! Check in the store if you have earned credits.

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